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Turning Happy Customers into Brand Advocates, with Shep Hyken of Amazing Business Radio

We all want to make our customers happy. To do that repeatably, and at scale, isn't easy. You need to design your people, process, and technology that creates exceptional outcomes over and over again. It needs to adapt to a changing set of technologies, market forces, and competition.

It starts with a mindset of customer-centric design: walking in your customer’s shoes, understanding where they’re at and working backward from there. Adopting that perspective as a core tenant is key to helping your customers reach see success and growing a better business.


I got a chance to sit down and talk customer happiness, growth, and brand building with Shep Hyken of Amazing Business Radio the other day. We went deep on topics like innovation in customer service and success, the future of 1:1 communication and automation like chatbots, and of course how businesses can remain focused on the customer amid all the pressures they face day to day.

Check out the podcast here! Shep also lists a number of awesome pull quotes and summary bullets, if you don't want to listen to us talk shop for the full 35 minutes.

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