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Why "Don't Reply to This Email" Is Bad Customer Service

The problem:

do not reply to this email

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Why We Have (and Don't Break) Design Standards in Software and Real Life

push-pull-paddleI don't know a lot about design, but I do know the feeling I get when I expect something to work a certain way, and it doesn't.

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4 Reasons Customer Experience Managers Need Lifecycle Timeline Charts

Big fan of customer lifecycle charts here. I first learned about them formally from Josh Porter, head of UX at HubSpot. I like them because they're really, really easy and useful for creating engaging, smooth customer engagements for software and service development teams.

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Good End-of-Customer-Life Experiences, with MailChimp's Cancellation Flow

MailChimp has a very nice cancellation flow. I found this out when I closed a year-old account with them.

In this post are screenshots and commentary about what I think they're doing right in their cancellation flow design.

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Lessons in Antagonistic Customer Communication, from Amazon

Update: Amazon has re-opened/re-populated the wiped Kindle. They did so without comment, though. Odd stuff.

Amazon isn't known for its world-class customer service on digital goods. They're much better on the physical stuff, even bordering on the sadistically ironic with their poor digital customer service policies. Such is the digital age.

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