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Hiring for and Delivering Empathy in Customer Service (with Joey Price & BusinessLifeAndCoffee)

Podcasts are funny things. You spend a few minutes getting to know the host (or guest), then try your best to have a transcendently brilliant discussion...for an hour. That's hard!

Sometimes you both succeed. Rarely for a full hour do you make beautiful music together, but if you're lucky, for a few minutes there, you're riffing nicely together and you're both really excited. That's how you get great podcast content.

Sitting down with Joey V. Price on the BusinessLifeAndCoffee, I feel like we got into core, exciting, and important topics over the course of our discussion together. We spent a while riffing on empathy and how to hire for it, deliver it to customers, and keep your head up when you're not quite feeling human on a given day.

Check out the podcast here.

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I think the empathy and customer-centric discussions at the end are the best bits. Here's what we touched on:

  • Why is making customers more successful the key to business growth?
  • How Hubspot came to be and the rest of its origin story.
  • Recommendations and guiding principles for successful scaling and team growth.
  • The importance of empathy for providing quality customer service.
  • How to create a customer-centric strategy for your startup?

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