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[Full Recording] TheNextWeb 2019 Talk: How Technology Will Shape the Future of Customer Service

TheNextWeb Conference is one of Europe's largest tech gatherings, full of founders, builders, and even big brands nowadays. I had the pleasure of speaking at #TNW2019 in Amsterdam a few weeks ago.



The event was a blast. Why? I think there are a few reasons for why it is such a good show:

  1. It's full of makers -- I'm not much of a maker; my code-committing days were brief. But I recognize the spirit, energy, and commitment it takes to build, and I personally draw inspiration for those that actually can, and do, build. Compared to the average tech conference, TNW is full of makers. The energy difference is palpable.
  2. The space is special -- TNW has grown so much that it now occupies a revived space in Amsterdam Nord called NDSM. This puts the conference essentially outdoors, with a remarkably creative street-art-specked space, and the "traditional" conference bits (like talks and panels) happening in unusual semi-temporary areas like geodesic domes.
  3. As an American, Europeans are more interesting -- Sorry, USA, but the cultural diversity of a European conference eats your boring corn flakes for breakfast. It's a delight to be surrounded by familiarly trendy topics -- AR, VR, blockchain, drones, renewables, etc. -- but with a wide variety of micro-cultural perspectives. Ever wonder how the renewable energy market is different in the formerly-behind-iron-curtain eastern Europe? Just eavesdrop at the biergarten of a European tech conference, and feel the immersion.

Strong attendee mix, creative space, and some inherent diversity benefits -- I hope to be back. Clearly, I enjoyed the conference in 2019.

My Talk Recording & Slides: How Technology Will Shape the Future of Customer Service

The talk I gave concerned how global changes in technology are affecting human behavior, how humans shop and buy is changing, and how individuals, brands, and industries need to react.

The full talk recording is here, courtesy of TNW Conference:

TNW_Venue1_Day2_Michael Redbord


And the slides are here:


As always, just drop me a note if you want to talk about anything:

See you all at #TNW2020!

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