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Customer Service Departments: The Why, Who, and How, with Impulse Creative

Do you know George B. Thomas? Here he is:


George is one of the most prolific and talented trainers I've had the honor of meeting and working with. He's incredibly genuine in his thinking and generous in action. And he's is absolutely on fuego for Impact Branding and Design, producing killer training content all the time.

Talking Customers, Growth, and Software with George & Me

George and I sat down to talk shop on customer success, growing via service, and the HubSpot Service Hub product. Not only do I think we talked about some cool stuff, but if you haven't experienced the amazingness that is George B. Thomas, you NEED to check out his style!

Check our George & my chat, right here.

It was an absolute honor and delight to work with George on this session. Here's to you, buddy!

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