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Building a Customer Obsessed Growth Culture with Anna Pogrebniak of Lumoa

At the end of the day, everything that you do inside a company, creates some effect outside the company. This thought was the basis for the conversation Anna Pogrebniak and I had about how to engineer a growing company's mindset, culture, and practices to truly solve for the customer.


It's a broad thought -- that even something as "hidden" as your health benefits could affect your customers in some way -- but I think a transformative nugget to grow better. And if you really flex your mind to put your customer first, you'll be able to see evidence that every single thing you do, every single day, creates outcomes on your customers.

Check out the full conversation here! There are some great resources in that link to check out, too, if that's your thing.

Special thanks to Anna and the team for working together on this. I had an awesome time, and was excited by a lot of the work happening at Lumoa to better handle customer feedback at scale.

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