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[Full Recording] TheNextWeb 2019 Talk: How Technology Will Shape the Future of Customer Service

TheNextWeb Conference is one of Europe's largest tech gatherings, full of founders, builders, and even big brands nowadays. I had the pleasure of speaking at #TNW2019 in Amsterdam a few weeks ago.



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Going Dutch: An Interview on Technology, Human Behavior, and Customer Experience Magic

I was recently at TheNextWeb in Amsterdam giving a talk on how technology is changing human behavior, and how companies need to evolve to win.

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Join us! An Upcoming Event: Flybridge Capital & HubSpot on Growth & Customer Success -- April 25th

I'm psyched to be putting on an event with Flybridge Capital on April 25th, 2019.

It's for Flybridge companies, Boston area founders, or CS folks. It should be good for networking and have some good content, too -- some courtesy of me!

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Earning the Customer Mindset and Customer Centric Strategy with HubShots, a podcast from down under!

Today, I got a chance to sit down with Ian Jacob and Craig Bailey on their amazing Aussie podcast on HubSpot, called HubShots. Craig and Ian are pictured below with Brian Halligan, HubSpot's Founder & CEO, at INBOUND17:


On the podcast, we didn't just want to talk about features and software. We really wanted to get into the how of customer service, and the why of customer-driven strategy. We did spend a few minutes on customer service software, but quickly got into a really cool chat about what a customer centric mindset looks like, and how it's a necessary foundation for a customer-driven company.

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Hiring for and Delivering Empathy in Customer Service (with Joey Price & BusinessLifeAndCoffee)

Podcasts are funny things. You spend a few minutes getting to know the host (or guest), then try your best to have a transcendently brilliant discussion...for an hour. That's hard!

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