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Why "Don't Reply to This Email" Is Bad Customer Service

The problem:

do not reply to this email

Topics: user experience marketing

Why We Have (and Don't Break) Design Standards in Software and Real Life

push-pull-paddleI don't know a lot about design, but I do know the feeling I get when I expect something to work a certain way, and it doesn't.

Topics: user experience design

Avoiding Tech Debt in eCommerce Businesses & Websites

technical debtI've consulted with dozens of ecommerce businesses to help them create more efficient sales and marketing funnels and drive revenue. These businesses range from public companies to small, single-person entrepreneurs selling hand-made sweaters. Frequently, the biggest challenge we come up against in trying to grow their business is that they have an insane amount of technology debt that they're simply unable to work against to move froward.

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Customer Retention Measurement Goals for Subscription/SaaS Businesses

onion sliced2When managing a reasonably large (500+) customer base, you have a bunch of issues to deal with when it comes to keeping your customers happy and paying their bills every billing period.

Topics: account management analytics