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Why "Don't Reply to This Email" Is Bad Customer Service

The problem:

do not reply to this email

In 2012, there's no excuse for having a user communication touchpoint that is unmonitored and one-way. The senders of this email probably think they're doing me a favor by telling me not to reply, but the original sin was in setting up thet email with a in the first place. There are numerous, unpredictable customer happiness benefits to NOT doing this.

Why You Should Always Use A Real, Monitored Reply-to Address on Every Email

A few weeks ago, we sent out our monthly NPS survey and I was the "from". I got ~200 out of office replies and handful of tech-support-ish replies (e.g. link doesn't work). All in all, about 20 minutes of helping a few people.

From the responses to my mass email, I was surprised by one email: "I love you guys, can you send me some free stuff?" 15 minutes and a marketing intern later, we had a box full of swag on its way from Boston to Ohio to surprise and delight this customer. And ut just so happens this customer is also a reseller, so keeping them happy is useful for reasons beyond simply their ability to keep paying the bills.

That extra bit of customer happiness was made possible all because we weren't lazy in our email's details, and there was a real, live person on the other end of the address. I'm sure you can think of numerous times you've had an issue, or worked with customers who have had an issue, and the start of the flow was a one-way communication method that couldn't be used to answer a relevant question. And that stinks!

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