About MicHAEL Redbord

Michael Redbord has been working in online marketing since 2005. A graduate of Tufts University and then on the Client Services team at Compete.com, Michael has worked with a variety of different sizes and shapes of companies and helped shape their marketing plans, traffic acquisition methods, and competitive online strategies.

At Compete, Michael's primary focus was in the online travel industry, working with airlines, hoteliers, cruise lines, and online travel agencies. He spent half of his time building datamining libraries, and the the other half consulting on the results of that research to the travel industry.

At HubSpot, Michael worked to onboard new customers, then built out the HubSpot Academy to provide scalable education for the whole HubSpot customer base. Following that, for over 5 years, Michael held leadership positions in the Services/Support organization, eventually leading the post-sale group as Vice President of Services & Support with responsbility from customer support and success to operations and renewals. He's now taking his learnings from those years of scaling customer teams and sharing them, as Vice President and General Manager of HubSpot's Customer Hub product.

Michael likes talking about customer success, traveling to places that feel far away, cooking for large groups, and reading philosophy and hard sci-fi. He's happy to talk about any of these at any time.

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