About Mike Redbord

Michael Redbord has been working in online marketing since 2005. A graduate of Tufts University and then on the Client Services team at Compete, Michael has worked with a variety of different sizes and shapes of companies and helped shape their marketing plans, traffic acquisition methods, and competitive online strategies.

At Compete, Michael's primary focus was in the online travel industry, working with airlines, hoteliers, cruise lines, and online travel agencies. After hearing about HubSpot from his friend and HubSpot Inbound Marketing Specialist Ryan Carrigg, Michael joined the team here soon afterwards.

At HubSpot, Michael worked directly with customers for over a year as an Inbound Marketing Consultant, then built out the HubSpot Academy team to provide online education for the whole HubSpot customer base. Following that, he moved into an operational role on the customer success team establishing better analytics and process for the support, consulting, and account management teams. Michael now leads up HubSpot's global customer team as Vice President of Services & Support.

In his spare time, Michael writes restaurant and user-generated review commentary, datamines in Unix, and reads philosophy. His favorite meal ever was lamb belly, which he describes as even better than pork belly.